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Woman Genital Warts and Cancer Pregnancy Questions
Genital Warts and Cancer HPV Pap Smears
Price $49.95
Genital Warts and Cervical Cancer: Program discusses the WOMAN'S side of genital warts, HPV, sexual transmission, pap smears, questions about pregnancy and children, and much more. It helps document medicolegally the importance of a woman having follow-up for abnormal pap smears. Suggestions for prevention of progression are also noted.
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Genital warts and Men
Man's concerns with Genital Warts and Cervical Cancer
Price $49.95
Genital Warts and Cancer discusses the MAN'S side of genital warts. This program reviews the entire nature of genital warts and HPV infections and its relationship to cervical cancer in women. It discusses in practical terms what males with the diagnosis need to do.
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No-Scalpel and traditional Vasectomy Procedures
What Patients need to know about vasectomy
Price $59.95
What Patients Need to Know About Vasectomy discusses both traditional and no-scalpel vasectomies. Vasectomy is the preferred method for permanent sterilization when a couple has decided to limit their future childbearing. It is important that the man and the woman make an informed decision for this elective procedure. This program reviews in patient terms who should have a vasectomy and who should not, the basic technique, preparation, complications, and after care.
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Counseling for the Colonscopy Procedure
Price $59.95
Patient Counseling for the Colonoscopy Procedure discusses proper counseling for colonoscopy can take longer than the procedure itself! Save yourself the time consuming and redundant practice of counseling every patient individually. Provide the patient with the information they seek and at the same time protect yourself liability-wise. This program reviews the entire procedure including preparation, the procedure itself, what might be done with polyps, complications, post-operative care and appropriate follow-up.
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What Patients should know about BOTOX
Non-surgical cosmetic procedures
Price $129.95
Introduction to BOTOX® (Botulinum Toxin Type A) For the Patient discusses the number one non-surgical cosmetic procedure being performed throughout the United. Patients want the procedure but it's important to inform them of the risks, benefits, and complications. In addition to patient education handouts, this program helps document that the patient was properly informed and answers many of their questions. It saves clinician and staff time!
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Collagen Fillers and procedure
Collogen Tissue Fillers Effects
Price $129.95
Working with Soft Tissue Fillers: A Patient's Introduction discusses the significant adverse outcomes and it's important that patients fully understand the procedure and the complications. Help answer their questions and document the counseling process for medicolegal protection. This concise program is complete and very informative.
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